Google Penguin 3.0 and Latest Google Pirate Update

Google always makes it name to the top news of the internet by making updates and changes to their applications and policies. Its latest move is to release some updates to their search engine algorithms, meaning that it is time to consider how the world of Search engine optimization (SEO) would be affected. What changes are made and how these changes will determine the outcomes to your website? A number of changes were made this week.

Penguin 3.0

Google’s algorithm Penguin is a vital part of their efforts to get better results that are returned by user’s search queries particularly targeting “black hat” optimization such as trading for links that attempt to game the system and boost a website’s search rankings unjustifiably. This significantly differs from the Panda algorithm that targets low quality content. Google refers this update as a “refresh” procedure rather than a major change and notes that it would be available worldwide within a few weeks.

Pirate Update 2

Google’s recently announced its latest update for the anti-piracy system which consists of making some new formats for advertisements that would point people towards legit media they search for instead of websites that share pirated versions.

To ensure that you aren’t affected by the recent pirate update, make sure that you are granted permission for using all the content on your website. Not keeping up with legal practices to share or reuse content would not only get you in legal issues but it may also affect your search rankings and would greatly reduce your website’s visibility for users.

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Benefits of Online Marketing

Marketing usually is assumed to be selling. People seldom fail to understand the major difference between both of them. Marketing is an art of letting people know about the business, its products and services whereas selling is directly giving the possession of the product to someone else.

In today’s world of internet, it is essential for a company to make itself available on various social networking websites that people visit on a daily basis. A company’s online presence and success is based on the website designing and web development that the company opts. It is very important for a company to choose the right services for its online website.

Why to opt for online marketing?

Internet marketing has become an imperative part of the business marketing strategies because it saves loads of time and effort of a company. It offers endless benefits to both the business organization as well as the customers. Once an SEO company works upon the company’s website and creates its magic upon it, the company becomes visible online and available to reach out to large number of audience at a single time. The benefits of e-marketing are -

  • Internet enables the business to reach out to a large mass at once.
  • At the comfort of your office, you can convey your message and with the help of innovative ideas make your company visible by using the best SEO services.
  • Social media optimization or the SMO enables a company to spread their word across the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and many others. The main feature of these websites is that they enable tagging and live feedback.
  • Online marketing also enables a company to get the offer of PPC or Pay per click. Thus, a company gets the marketing also done with getting money in return.

Thus, internet marketing is not only cheap but also helps build personal relationships through the internet as the customers interact directly with the company.

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